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Peachburg Lodge
5702 Peachburg Road

Union Springs, AL 36089

Phone: (334) 224-5134


BEWARE: GPS/Mapquest/Google will not take you to Peachburg Lodge!


Directions:  From Montgomery follow I-85 North, exit #15 on Highway 108 West to Pike Road ,AL. Highway 108 West will deadend at Highway 110 turn LEFT onto Highway 110 East travel approx. 20 miles deadend at US Highway 82.  Turn LEFT onto Highways 82 East continue  thru Union Springs, travel approx. 6 miles East of Union Springs toward Eufuala, AL.  Turn LEFT onto C.R. 30,  in 1 mile road will deadend at C.R. 40/Peachburg Road.  Turn RIGHT in approx.  1.5 miles  Peachburg Lodge will be the SECOND driveway on the RIGHT.  Lodge has white fence with gate and "Peachburg Lodge" sign at entrance.

 Distance from I-85 is approx. 35 miles.  Lodge is located approximately 50 miles from Montgomery.


Directions: From Atlanta follow I 85  South into Alabama.  Take exit#60 Opelika/Hurtsboro turn LEFT onto Highway 51 South  in approx. 30 miles at intersection of Highway 26/51 turn RIGHT to continue on Hwy. 51 South, at intersection of Hwy 82 turn RIGHT onto Hwy 82 West, in approx. 5 miles turn RIGHT onto C.R. 30 in 1 mile road will deadend at C.R. 40/Peachburg Road turn RIGHT, 1.5 miles to Peachburg Lodge SECOND driveway  on the RIGHT.  Lodge has white fence with gate and "Peachburg Lodge" sign at entrance.

Distance from I-85 is 48 miles. Lodge is located approximately 120 miles from Atlanta.



Union Springs Airport(Franklin Field) is 8 miles East of Peachburg Lodge has 3000' runway, Avgas, fenced, VFR.

Tuskeegee Airport(Moton Field) 29 miles North has 5000' runway, FBO, and IFR.

Pick up is available from Union Springs or Tuskeegee with a 2 hour notice.


Commercial Airports:  Columbus, GA approximately 50 miles East.  Montgomery, AL approximately 50 miles West.