1. Every hunter shall abide with state of Alabama game and fish requirements and regulations.
  2. All hunters must sign a release form before hunting. 
  3. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed before or during hunting.  Any misuse or over indulging is considered unacceptable behavior and will result in forfeiture of fee.
  4. The plantation management will have final discretion on all decisions.
  5. Checkout time is 5:00p.m.
  6. Breach of gun must be open at all times until ready to shoot.  Side by side and over and under guns only.  NO automatics or pumps are permitted. Loaner over and under shotguns are available. Let us know in advance if you need one.
  7. All hunters must remain in their given target range when shooting.  If a hunter crosses into another hunters range, he/she will be asked to forfeit their hunt.
  8. Only 2 hunters shooting per covey.
  9. Hunters should walk aggressively and stay a few steps ahead of the guide when flushing.
  10. Price of accidentally wounding and/or killing horses and/or dogs will be $3000.00 each.  Payable on the spot.


- Briar pants and boots recommended.

- A standard leather scabbard is provided but for expensive guns you may prefer to bring your own padded holster.