"Thank you ever so much for a fabulous hunt.  We were all so overwhelmed with the whole setup-it was great from start to finish.....We had such an awesome time that we could not stop talking about it all the way home.  Just an amazing time"

- Carter P., Chattanooga, TN.

"The Dad and Lad quail hunt was the best I have ever been on.  The country, the dog work and birds were all great.  The meals were delicious and the Lodge was beautiful."

- Joe H., Lookout Mountain, GA.

"Very sporty shooting, real hunting."

- Rob, Auburn, AL

"We wanted for nothing and got more than we expected- I can't praise higher than this-we had a memorable and excellent time!"

- Dan B., Birmingham, AL

"I have been quail hunting pen raised birds before but it didn't even compare  to the real thing!"
Mitchell H. (age 14) Lookout Mountain, GA
"The shooting lessons were particularly enjoyable- There are few hunters that could not benefit from that kind of instructions- It was a privilege to be able to hunt Peachburg. It is the best quail hunting I know of."
Jimmy C., Lafayette, GA.
"We have been looking for a real"wild bird" experience like I remember from the old days and I have found it!  I'll be back for sure."
John B., Birmingham, AL.